Find Your Name

Whenever someone asks you for your name, you have the obvious easy answer, but what happens when someone asks for the name of your website?

The name of your website is what is known as the domain, the address, the url. People call it all types of things, but it’s a domain.

A domain is made up of three parts–the subdomain, second level domain, and the top level domain. Let’s go over all three really quick.

Top-Level Domain

This is the last part of the domain, the .com, .net, .org, .gov, you get it.

Second Level Domain

The second level domain is what most website owners are searching for when looking for their name.

The combination of the top and second level domains creates the root domain.


A subdomain is the part that comes before your root domain. Let’s say your website is

  • Subdomain – www
  • second level domain – pizza4kids
  • top-level domain – .com

Sometimes you’ll see websites like In this case, “Los Angeles” would be the sub domain.

Get it? Great!

So, where can you get your own name?

There are a ton of domain registrar and resellers all over the internet dying for your money. It’s recurring revenue for them, and I can’t blame them. Just do your research and make sure they are legitimate before opening your wallet. On average, a domain can cost between $8 to $20 (I’ve seen some for thousands)!

Here are a few that we trust here at BRG:

Speaking of recurring revenue, we are an affiliate for Hover and Namecheap. If you click on the links above and make a purchase we may receive some mulah for the referral.


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