Naming Your Pages for Better SEO

Looking for ways to increase organic traffic to your website? Aren’t we all?

Let’s quickly cover one way to improve traffic. Every little bit helps.

When you add a new page, or anything that will have a permalink, you have the option to create the slug for it from your WordPress dashboard. For example, most websites have an about page that looks something like…

That’s nice and all, but it can be a whole lot better. Imagine when your audience searches for “About James,” or whatever your name is. Do you think they will find you? Does naming your slug “About” (which I’m sure thousands of other sites have /about) really help with your About Page being found at the top of search results?

A better solution would be to be as specific as possible. Try these (with your own):


Do you see the difference and how easier it would be to be found?

Now, making this change is not going to shoot you to the top of the results, but it’ll definitely help you move up a few positions.

You should be thinking like this when it comes to naming everything on your website. Use the words that you want to be found for not only in your page names, but your alt text for your images, blog titles, and anywhere where text can be changed.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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