Our Development and Design vs Our Hosting and Management

When you start doing something for a group of people, you know unexpected questions would arise. Sometimes you know what to expect and you prepare for this by writing FAQs or being pretty descriptive when trying to explain what you offer.

This is something that we ran into with The Blare Group when we started to build websites and offer hosting options as well. Many of our clients thought that they just needed to pay for their website to be built and that would be it, nothing else to pay for.

They were wrong.

We will explain the differences in what we offer during the website building process with The Blare Group Genesis: Website Creation

Development and Design

When taking on a website project, we break it up into parts. Parts that we call phases. A lot of that is internal stuff, so we won’t bore you with that. Just know that we start with getting the site developed and designed before we deal with the hosting side of things.


This is the guts of the website. The stuff that happens behind the scenes to make the website work and remain functional. Some people call this the backend. It’s the area, or areas, that website visitors typically don’t see.

We develop the site behind the scene for weeks, then once we’re done, we may go in and do touch ups and updates periodically, but most of the work is done by the time the website is launched.


I guess you would call this the front end. Though some design work happens in the back for the website administrators, the majority of the design work is what you and your visitors see.

We work on getting the colors matched, and put in the right places. We make sure the logo is where it is supposed to be. Your visitors are blown away when they see the images you provided strategically place. There may be moving parts. You get where I’m going.

To make these designs work, they must gel with the development side. It’s like they need each other to be able to function. That’s why we lump them together for pricing purposes.

The development and design is the first thing that is paid by our clients. We played around with other pricing options such as including a year of hosting mixed into the cost of development and design, but we would still have to explain what you’re paying for after that year.

We thought about putting everything on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan, but there are too many risks involved since the development and design can get pretty pricey.

After a lot of thought, and there was a lot, we concluded that our current set up worked best for our clients and for us as a company.

Hosting and Management

We explained what hosting is a little bit, and our “hosting” packages do a lot more than just store your website on servers. That’s why they cost more than some managed plans that are out there, but also understanding hosting helps with understanding why it is an additional cost separate from the development and design of a website.


This should be simple. Each one of our websites has it’s own server and we make sure that your website remains up and accessible 99% of the time that is hosted with us.


To add to the hosting, we take care of things on the back end and on the front end. We update outdated software to make sure your website is protected against attacks. Speaking of attacks, we recover your website in the very rare instance that it is hacked.

Understanding how complex websites can be, we have a plan that allows our clients to contact our support team, 24/7, to update content that is already on your website.

There is no point of having a website if no one is able to locate it. That is why we offer SEO services to make sure that people Google words related to what you offer and you show up in the top results.

We also have a plan that takes away all of the work needed to write articles and blogs like this. We do the research and writing for you.

Our plans actually have two different names that mean the same thing. Confusing right?

Management Plans

For people that already have websites, or have chosen to have their site developed and designed elsewhere, they can still ask The Blare Group to manage their site. That’s when they will explore the Genesis Website Management Plans.

After Care Plans

After Care Plans are offered to clients that chose for The Blare Group to develop and design their website. However, the investment cost is the same. In fact, After Care Plan is going to be the official name very soon. Just need to work out some kinks internally.

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