Understanding Pricing

The Blare Group is broken up into four groups — Solutions, Edify, Extra, and Evig. In this article, we are going to cover the pricing for each solution and the services in each one.

Within each group, we have offerings, and each offering has their own services and pricing plans. In Blare Solutions, the offerings are Genesis (Websites), Vision (Brand Designs), Voices (Podcasts), and Connect (Social Media).

Let’s break them down.

Blare Genesis


Blare Genesis Build is our website offering that helps creators with getting their website built. We help by offering many features that creators are able to select from with our package builder. To get started, a creator let’s us know they are interested by contacting us and inquiring about a website.

The base price for a website is $300, this would include a domain, a professional email address, and a home page.

But to tell you want your final investment amount would be after making your package selections would be difficult without learning more. It’s like going to a car dealership and asking how much is a car, or asking someone for the price of a house.

The final cost would be determined by what you want it to do, what you want it to include, and how much you can afford. The reason for your budget is to prevent us from offering you something that is too far out of your range.

Basically, after you inquire, we will make sure you are a creator, then we will send you an email to get started on picking the features you want for your website. The more you select, the more the cost.

Pricing Range: $300 – $8,484. The maximum price can increase if you request more than one of a specific feature.



Blare Genesis Domains is our domain offering that helps creators with obtaining the address for their “home.” Better known as their domain name. Domain names are a recurring subscription that you pay yearly for. Domains average under $20, but there are some premium ones that cost well into the thousands.

You can get more than domains from us though. Genesis Domains allows you to get a professional email so your audience isn’t sending and receiving emails to and from a generic gmail, yahoo, or something similar. Professional emails are approximately $30 a year and additional aliases will run you about $5 per year, per alias.

Lastly, Genesis Domains offers mailboxes so that you can log in and access your email from a mail portal on our site.


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