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A Logo is a Digital Hello

Logos Are the Equivalent of Saying Hello

We have all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but we continue to do it. We know that we’re constantly being judged and that is why we dress up for interviews and first dates. We care so much about the impression we leave on others that we do our best to make sure no one has a negative thought about our appearance.

We all know that the first impression that you make is super important, and you only get one opportunity to shine. Imagine a ton of black birds flying around in the sky, but mixed in the flock of black birds there is one red bird. Which bird would you notice first? Exactly! 

Now, think about the market that your company is in. How do you stand out? What makes your brand unique? Whatever it is that you know about your company is great, but you need to attract people to your business first. In a crowded space you have to stand out and make people want to know more about your brand. The best way to do this is to stand out before even saying, “Hi.” 

If you want people to take you serious, then you must take your branding serious, and this starts with your logo. Settling for a generic logo that can be found all over the internet is a sign of settling for mediocrity. Your potential customers can see how much you value your company by the effort you put into getting a quality logo.

Your logo is more than just a nice picture that represents your business. It tells the world what you do. It separates you from your competitors. It becomes synonymous with your business name.

When you are spending hours of thinking about colors, fonts, and images, think about how you can be louder than your competition.

If a stranger saw your logo for the first time would they know what your business does? Would they be curious enough to even try to find out? Are you cute, bold, sexy, and/or youthful? Do you need a mascot, lines, type, or different colors? Will your logo be printed, digital, on billboards, social media, or clothing?

There are a ton of questions you have to answer before you figure out what quality logo will become the foundation of your business. The logo is just the beginning of your conversation with your audience. It is important that your voice is consistent. 

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The Blare Group mascot logo design for Squad Party Rentals

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