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Everything awesome that you need to know about The Blare Group is below. Learn about how we help individuals with a voice with their website, podcast, and more online business solutions.

If your face and/or voice is your business, then we are your partner.


Who We Are ?

The Blare Group is Southern California company created to help people that use their voice with online visibility. We make sure individuals are heard by assisting creators, influencers, musicians, podcasters, coaches, and more with their website development and design. Other online business solutions include podcasting services, business structure, funding, and a lot more to come.

We make sure we remain easy to work with and we keep all the website and business stuff as simple as possible. We understand that online businesses can be difficult. If you are one of those people who experience difficulty with their websites, and/or online business, let us know and we will do everything to make sure you are heard. Basically, we are building the one stop shop for all of your website needs, and we're keeping it simple.

Simply put....
We build websites and solutions for podcasters, musicians, speakers, coaches, and anyone with a voice.

& Design

Since we like to make noise online, we created four noisy packages to get your website online.


Our Managed WordPress service has four packages suited for anyone’s website hosting needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to get you seen and heard. We offer SEO services to help deliver traffic to your website.


Ever suffer from writer’s block? Luckily, we have a team of people that never do. Let them help.


We will help your brand stand out with a logo that reflects everything you represent.


Be Heard. You record your podcast and we will take care of everything else need to get you out there.


Need additional help? Fill out an application and we may throw you some cash.

Tips, Tricks, &

People still read, right? Good, because we still write. Take a look at our latest.

Team Blare

Our Team

James Shannon
Creative Director
Mayra Sanchez
Business Advisor


About your Website.

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Email :

Address : P.O. Box 8362, Calabasas, CA 91367

Phone : 661.488.8324


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