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Understanding Pricing

The Blare Group is broken up into four groups — Solutions, Edify, Extra, and Evig. In this article, we are going to cover the pricing for each solution and the

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Portal FAQ

We understand that The Portal may be difficult to navigate or understand, so we made this Portal Guide and FAQ to help you with getting around it. If you can’t

Find your name

Find Your Name

Whenever someone asks you for your name, you have the obvious easy answer, but what happens when someone asks for the name of your website? The name of your website

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Naming Your Pages for Better SEO

Looking for ways to increase organic traffic to your website? Aren’t we all? Let’s quickly cover one way to improve traffic. Every little bit helps. When you add a new

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What Kind of Logo Should I Get?

This is a question that I get more than I would like to. Mainly because the answer is always, “I don’t know. Tell me about your business.” Maybe people don’t know

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Find Legitimate California Businesses

Have you talked to people about their business and they say that they are legit, registered, or anything similar? You probably have looked for a way to see if their