How to Get Your Social Media Account Verified

Becoming a Verified Socialite If you have a heavily sought check mark next to your name on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’re automatically invited to all of the online clubs. You can simply reply to someone’s tweet with, “Hi,” then they will instantly tell of their followers before they retweet your tweet. If you follow someone, they will happily tell …

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The Blare Group’s Cloud Hosting Platform

Speed, speed, speed. Your websites move fast. When we decided to add managed WordPress hosting to our list of online business solutions, we had a few goals that we had to achieve. Security Speed Friendly Experience We have achieved this by forming a partnership with Google Cloud and Flywheel to bring you the best Managed WordPress Hosting solution that we can …

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The Blare Group and Flywheel Growth Suite

Be Heard with Flywheel’s Growth Suite

Affiliate Disclosure This page contains an affiliate link for Flywheel. Meaning that if you click on a link that directs you to Flywheel and you make a purchase, we may receive commission for your purchase at no additional cost to you. Have you ever wondered who we partner with to host websites and invoice our clients? It’s not secret, we’ll tell …

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The Blare Group official logo

Identifying the Perfect Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity? Many conversations we have about brand identity forces us to explain that it is more than your company’s logo. It is all of the work used to create your logo, along with the images that help your customers recognize your brand. That work includes the tone, logo, colors, fonts, and other designs, all of which are …

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Starting a Digital Agency

What is a Digital Agency? Before you can even think about creating your own digital agency you have to understand what a digital agency is. An agency is a group of individuals working together to accomplish goals for their client, or clients. Typically, there is a contract created and agreed upon by the client and agency. A digital agency is an agency …

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book 1773756 640 from The Blare Group

How to Self Publish a Book with Amazon in 15 Steps

After speaking with Jacky Rom on the Blare Radio: Start Your Business and Be Heard podcast, I decided to stop thinking about writing a book, and actually sit down and write one. Though she took the traditional publishing route for her latest book, From Vegas to Villainy, I will be self-publishing my first creation.If you have written a book yet, what …

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hand 2415036 640 from The Blare Group

A Logo is a Digital Hello

Logos Are the Equivalent of Saying Hello We have all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but we continue to do it. We know that we’re constantly being judged and that is why we dress up for interviews and first dates. We care so much about the impression we leave on others that we do our …

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Various colors on a Blare Group blog

Coloring Outside the Lines

How often do we make decisions based off of colors? Color is usually one of the first descriptors we use when making selections. People pick their favorite sports teams based off of color. They decide on the car that they want to drive off the car lot based on color. Their shoes have to match with their outfit before they …

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The Blare Group t-shirts made by Printful

7 Steps to Starting a T-Shirt Brand with Printful

Table of Contents Do note that this page contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosures here. During the summer of 2019 we were approached about building a t-shirt company. After a little research we had discovered the print on demand service offered by Printful and decided to give it a test drive before recommending it to our friends. What’s cool about …

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