The Blare Group and Flywheel Growth Suite

Be Heard with Flywheel’s Growth Suite

Have you ever wondered who we partner with to host websites and invoice our clients? It’s not secret, we’ll tell you. The answer is Flywheel.

Since we started working with Flywheel, they have only gotten better and continue to improve and take care of the agencies that they work with.

One of the things that I love the most about Flywheel is Growth Suite.

Growth Suite allows us to…

    • Automatically bill our clients on a recurring basis
    • Send invoices for a single payment
    • Send out Blare-branded reports monthly or quarterly
    • View all of our sites and clients from one dashboard


Flywheel and Blare Invoice Billing Information

Flywheel makes it so easy for agencies to send invoices to their clients. It just takes 4 quick steps.


Select Client

The first step is to set up the client that will receive your invoice. The first thing to do is to select one of the clients that you already to your list of clients. This is one area that I wish was different. It would be nice to have the ability to add a client from within this step.

After selecting your client, you can attach them to a site that you already added or not. If you’re attaching the invoice to a site, select the website from the dropdown provided. If you aren’t attaching the invoice to a site, just continue to the next easy step.

Billing Information

This is step where you decide how often you will send your invoice to your client.

    • One time only
    • Every month
    • Every Quarter
    • Every 6 months
    • Once a year

There’s also a dropdown to choose which currency you’ll be sending your invoice in.

After selecting the billing frequency, you can select when billing starts.

If you select to send the invoice once, there’s no need to select a start date since the bill won’t be a recurring one. The invoice will be due upon receipt.

For recurring invoices, you have two options.


Schedule a Date

The date that you select will be when the bill is due, also based on frequency. For example, let’s say that you choose to bill your client every 6 months, and you select the start date to be today (July 30, 2021). That means their next bill is due January 30, 2022. In the event that your client doesn’t pay today, but decides to make their payment next week, the due will not change. So, their next billing date will still be January 30, 2022.


Upon Client Acceptance

The other option to choose from would be to have the billing date be based on when the client makes their payment. So, if you were to send the invoice today, and the client pays a week from now (August 6, 2021), and you still have it set up for every 6 months, your client’s next bill will be due on February 6, 2022.

Invoice Details

This is the step where you add all the information that the client sees on the invoice. Add the name of the invoice, then add all of the services that your client is paying for.

One of my favorite features about Growth Suite is being able to manage your add-ons. You can create services, and each service can have different tiers to them. Once your services have been created, you can easily use the drop down in the invoice details step to select the ones needed for the invoice. Next, enter the quantity for the amount however many of the specific service the client will be billed for.

Unlike the client step, you can add a service here without going to another page. 

After added the invoice service(s), you have the option to leave a note on the invoice. Remember that any note that you leave here will appear on the client’s invoice.



The next option that you have is to add a discount or not.

To add a discount, simply click on the Add Discount button and enter the name of the discount. Then decide if the discount will be a percentage off the total due, or a whole dollar amount. Next is to obviously enter the amount of the discount. The last thing to do is to decide how long the discount will last. You can either make the discount last forever or chose the amount of billing cycles it will be applied to do.

The last detail to enter is tax. If you charge taxes on your invoices, there is a space to enter it on the invoice details. Just enter a name for the tax, and enter the percentage amount.

Once you’re done, the discount and taxes will automatically be applied to the invoice.


The last step is to review the invoice before you send it. The invoice will have all of the information that you entered in the previous steps, along with your agency information. 

Your agency name, logo, and address will be near the top of the invoice. Contact information can be found in the footer. And the invoice details will be found in the body. If everything looks good just click the button that says Send to Client.



Flywheel and Blare Reporting

One of the newest and coolest features of Flywheel’s Growth Suite is the ability to create reports. You can create and start sending reports to clients in just three easy steps!

On the right side of each page will be a preview of your report.

Customize Report

The first step in creating a report for your clients is to customize it, and selecting the style of the cover page is your first task.

The cover style can either be branded with your agency’s logo, or you can use an illustrated cover instead. If you haven’t already, you can upload your logo here. You can also add your brand’s hex color code in the text box provided.

The next text box will be where you enter the title of this report. Below that will be where you have the option to write a welcome message to your client.

The final thing to do before moving on to the next step is to select what will appear in the header and footer of each page of the report. Such details include your client’s name, the date range of the report, and your agency logo.


Report Contents

This is where you choose all the things that will be included in the reports you send to your client.

You can include Flywheel host stats in client reports. Stats can be…

    • WordPress updates
    • Backups
    • Security
    • Site Optimization

You can also include Google Analytics, but you will need to set up Google Analytics on their website before you add them to the report. With Google Analytics, options include…

    • Users
    • Sessions
    • Average time on site
    • Bounce rate
    • Conversion rate
    • Top goals
    • Traffic sources
    • Devices
    • Page Visits

A lot of options, right? Flywheel gives you another option here–save as template. You can save everything to this point to use for other client reports.

Preview & Schedule

This is where you make sure everything looks good, then you schedule the reports to be emailed.

A dropdown will be available for you to select which client will receive the report that you put together.

After selecting your client, select the website that you will be sending the report about.

Next you will have the option of creating a section that is unique to your client. Add any content that you feel like typing up here.

Now it is time to create a reporting schedule. Choose between sending this report to your client every month, or every quarter. Then choose what date you will like to start and you’re good to go with website reports!


SSUVi15JpiQAAAAASUVORK5CYII= from The Blare Group
The Flywheel Growth Suite dashboard is where the magic happens.
Immediately, in the upper left corner you can see how many sites agency is managing and how many clients you’re billing. You even get to see your average revenue per month, per client.
If you need to create a new client, new website, or new invoice, Flywheel makes it super easy by having quick links to each task right from the dashboard.
Below those quick links, you can see an overview of all of your payments. If something related to a payment needs your attention, you will have a red notification waiting for you to investigate. Payment information available to you includes upcoming payments, received payments, pending payments, and any invoices that have not been paid yet.
The dashboard also includes to graphs that show you your agency’s monthly recurring revenue and total revenue.


We haven’t showed you nearly everything that Flywheel Growth Suite has to offer. It’s pretty hard since they continue to update it on a regular basis. 

Growth Suite has truly been a game changer for us and we highly recommend that you check it out. Even if it isn’t for your agency, Flywheel offers so much in terms of value with their helpful blogs, hosting, and more.

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