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Edify by The Blare Group

The Blare Group offers a way for creative individuals to learn how to build and grow their websites, podcasts, social media, and brand designs without hiring anyone.


Blare Echo

Blare Echo is two podcasts hosted by James Shannon to help you build and grow online.

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Blare University

Blare University has online courses for students that want to learn how to build and grow.

Blare TV

Blare TV is The Blare Group's YouTube channel showcase tutorials for online success.

Blare Guidance

Blare Guidance are eBooks written by authors of The Blare Group to help with online visibility.

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The Online B.A.G.

The Online B.A.G.: Build and Grow is an episodic podcast that teaches you quick steps to build your online visibility. 

The Online B.A.G.

Learn how to build and grow your website, podcasts, social media, and brand.


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Everyone is On YouTube.
Blare Too!

Our YouTube channel is for those that like to watch while learning. Our quick videos show you step-by-step on how to build and grow your online presence.

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School isn't for everyone,
it is for some

The Blare Group carefully created some free, and paid, courses to help students with their creative websites, loud podcasts, eye-catching designs, and viral social media accounts.


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Flip the Pages to Success with BRG

Formerly known as Blare Write, Blare Guidance is a library. Not really. But it is a place where you can download books written by us to help you with building your websites, to guide you to getting your podcast out there, to lead you to engage your follower audience, and to bring your brand’s image to life.