How Do the Revision Rounds Work

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I appreciate that you thought about the Blare Group when considering who will work on the designs for your brand. We don’t take a lot of things serious, but this is one are where we do put on our serious faces.

No matter what we’re designing for you, we are going to offer you multiple rounds to request changes be done before the final design is complete. These are revision rounds, and based on the package you selected, you will be limited to a minimum of two rounds, or you may have gotten a better package and can get an unlimited amount of rounds.

For the first round, we are going to send you a link to view the designs that we made for your package. If you don’t like any of the designs that we presented, let us know and we can explore other options.

Now, that you have the concepts for your new design, you will enter any changes or anything that you want to see in the text field provided below each design. Our designers will then complete the modifications and queue for the next round of revisions.

This cycle repeats itself over, and over, and over again until you run out of revisions, or until you are satisfied with your design.

If you are out of revisions, don’t worry, you can always message us and let us know that you need another round for an additional $10 dollars per logo to be added on your final invoice.

Once we are done and you have selected the winning design, we package it up and send it over to you via email.

We suggest that you store your designs in your online cloud storage somewhere for safekeeping and for those many moments that you are going to need to pull it out.

Let us know if you need us to store it for you and we will place it in the Blare Sky for you to access at any time.

Remember you can always log into The Portal by the Blare Group to access information regarding your designs and any current, or past, project information from other Blare Solutions.

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