How to Get Your Social Media Account Verified

Becoming a Verified Socialite

If you have a heavily sought check mark next to your name on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’re automatically invited to all of the online clubs. You can simply reply to someone’s tweet with, “Hi,” then they will instantly tell of their followers before they retweet your tweet. If you follow someone, they will happily tell their world that you’re friends with them even if they don’t know what it is that you do.

This kind of fame can do wonders for businesses and is one of the reasons that people want to be verified so badly. As many things in life, getting verified requires work. Fortunately, all of the work isn’t too hard. 

One of the requirements to getting verified is consistency. If people were to look you up on various platforms, will they see similar content? The same logo? The same name? Consistent colors?

Believe it or not, so many businesses will answer no to at least one of the questions above. 

Get Your Name and Park It

Be everywhere, even on the unknown sites. Make sure that you have the SAME NAME on each site. This helps you with two things.

Having a consistent name on all of your online accounts helps with getting you verified. It also helps your customer and/or audience find you easily.

It is highly suggested that you visit all of the places that you plan on having a presence and checking to be sure your username is available before creating your first account.

How to Get Verified


A blue check mark next to your account’s name means that Facebook has confirmed that your account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents. Local businesses can have verification badges too, but instead of blue, they will be grey. 

To get verified, first you obviously have to follow their Terms of Service. You account must also… 

Be Authentic & Unique.
Your Facebook has to be your official account, or a registered business. Only one account can be verified unless the other (related) accounts are in different languages.

Have Consistent Professionalism
Make sure the content on your page is related to your brand, and not your personal life (unless you are your business).

Be Completed
Make sure your account has at least one post, a profile picture, a completed about section, and any links that you have must be up to date.

Be Known
People must be searching for your brand. It has to be notable.


If your Facebook account meets the above criteria, then you can fill out this contact form. On that form you will need to choose a verification type, profile or page. You must also enter the link to the page that you want verified.

A photograph has to be submitted if you page is for a person. For a business, you have to submit official documentation for your organization. 


Getting the highly sought blue check mark next to your username can be achieved on your personal and/or business account. It means that your account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

Your Instagram account must follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Additionally, be…

Authentic & Unique 
Be who you say you are. No one likes a liar. Impersonating a person or brand is also a good way to get your account banned. Also, make sure you have just one account.

Private accounts are not eligible for verification. So, make sure your awesome pics can be seen by everyone. 

Your account needs a profile picture, bio, and must have at least one post to be considered for verification. 

Be Known
People must be searching for your brand. It has to be notable and have a high likelihood of being impersonated by others.


Quick noteHaving a verified Facebook account does not guarantee that you will get your Instagram account verified.

To begin the process…

1. Log into the account that you want verified

2. Click on Menu from your profile

3. Select settings on the bottom of the menu

4. Choose Account

5. Select Request Verification

6. Enter your AKA

7. Submit identification

8. Enter your Instagram name

9. Enter your first and last name

10. Select the category that fits what you, or your brand, is known as

11. Upload a photograph of yourself, or an official business document

12. Send

Read more about verification badges from Instragram’s official website.


Here is an official tweet from Twitter: “Twitter has paused public submissions for verification. will update this post once they complete their new authentication and verification program. You can find out more on Twitter’s official verification account.”@Verified


Getting a grey check mark on YouTube shows that you are a credible YouTuber. To check and see if your account has already been verified…

    • Look for a check mark next to your brand’s name
    • Go to Channel Settings
      • Click Status and Features
      • Review your Account Status
      • If your account is verified, there will be the word “Verified” next to your brand’s name.

 If you haven’t been verified yet, then make sure that you meet the minimum qualifications.

    • Get Your Followers Up. You need a minimum of 100,000 subscribers before you can be verified
    • Link your official website to your YouTube channel

 Linking your website and your YouTube channel

    1. Visit Creator Studio
    2. Select Channel
    3. Click Advanced
    4. Scroll to the Associated Website section

 Once you have met YouTube’s requirements to get a verified account, you can apply on Google’s support page. Click on Contact Flow and select Email support. Here you will have to fill out a form for a verification badge and submit it. You will receive a response from YouTube within 24 hours. If approved, you will get your shiny silver check mark within a week. Note: Changing your username will remove your verification and you will need to get the new name verified.

All Done!

That’s it! Follow these instructions and you may be invited to all of the online parties. There are other social websites that have a verification process, but these four are amount the most popular ones.

Leave a comment if you have a verified account and let us know if you did anything different. Also, if you don’t have a verified account, still let us know where to find you!

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