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Identifying the Perfect Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

Many conversations we have about brand identity forces us to explain that it is more than your company’s logo. It is all of the work used to create your logo, along with the images that help your customers recognize your brand. That work includes the tone, logo, colors, fonts, and other designs, all of which are used to create a brand’s image.

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity?

Customers connect with your brand, which in turn creates loyalty and increases sales.

A great example of a strong brand would be Apple. They can create their next iPhone with no additional features and their loyal customers will purchase it without question.

Why Does Your Brand Exist?

If you don’t already know, this would be an opportune time to write your core values and your mission statement. If you were to be asked how are you different from the competitors in your space, what would you say? What problem are you solving for your target audience? How would your customers describe your business?

Know these answers help you understand your brand and can help you with your elevator pitch. You can’t even begin to create an awesome brand without knowing exactly who you are.


Your brand’s design is the foundation of your brand, and it won’t succeed with a failed design.


Not only should your brand’s color be consistent and cohesive wherever your brand is seen. The colors used for your should be picked carefully and you need to understand the psychological meaning of the colors that you choose.

Your logo should do all, or most of these:
– Identify what your business does
– Communicate your values to the world
– Be simple and not distracting
– Be memorable and stand the test of time


Pick one font. Two at max. Too many different fonts and people will get confused. Your font needs to be uniformed across all mediums. We use Poppin as our main font. but when we find that it doesn’t look great, we substitue it with Monsterrat. 


Your website is where your brand lives online. Your site will include your colors, logo, fonts, and everything about your business. This is where people will go when they want to learn more about you and/or your business.

Some people won’t even take your company serious if you don’t have your own website. This includes having a free subdomain ( They wonder why they should put money into your business if you couldn’t invest your own money in your business and purchase a domain.


We touched on this earlier, but a consistent design is key to having a strong brand identity. Whenever anyone, customer or not, interacts with your brand they should be able to recognize it. Even if they don’t recognize it immediately, they shouldn’t be confused once they find out.

To remain consistent, your logo should be wherever your brand is. On uniforms, letterheads, packaging, labels, business cards, everywhere. Along with your logo, you should have your brand’s colors plastered on anything that represents your business. Your brand is your name tag at the party, never take it off.

Consistency isn’t just for your design. You have to create a consistent message to your customers. Let’s say you’re creating a witty brand, then you want to have a witty tone on social media, in all of your marketing, employees, and you should have a witty design too!


You must know what the other businesses in your market are doing. If you want to target people in their early 20’s then you want to know how the competition is communicating with them.


Knowing who you are marketing to is huge. Your audience isn’t going to want to communicate with you if you don’t know how to speak their language or grab their attention. Again, if you’re targeting people in their 20’s, you don’t want to market homeowners (average age is 54).

A good way to find your customers, or understand them better would be by running surveys, talking to them on social media, or conduct focus groups.


What are your goals? Whatever they are, you should think about how creating your identity will help you with achieving your business goals.

If you understand the goals of your business and know what identity that you want to be known for, then you are ready to start building the foundation of your brand. You want to create a brand guide. This will include everything about your brand with instructions on how and when to use your brand designs.


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