We believe strong in uniformity. The name that you choose to be your domain should be the name you use on everything — your email, your social media accounts, website usernames, name tag, possible baby name, etc.

Keeping the name the same creates great brand awareness for your followers and anyone familiar with your brand.

The cool thing is that there is an awesome tool to help you with finding that one name that is available wherever you need it.


Namecheckr is so awesome! I believe it should be the first site you check when looking for a name for your domain and/or social media accounts.

What is it?

Namecheckr is a website where you simply search for the name that you want for your website, email, or social media.

When you submit your search it looks for the availability of that name for domains, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, a bunch more. It’s definitely work checking out (no pun intended)

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What is wrong with it?

Nothing is perfect right?

Namecheckr isn’t, but I can only think of one improvement.


IG is one of the most popular social media platforms known to man, but Namecheckr doesn’t search for available usernames.

We searched their site, really their help page, to see if there is an explanation, but there isn’t. Hopefully, it is added in the future, or maybe they will tell us why we can’t look for Blare2022xjxj on IG.