01.Voice of the Creator
Official podcast of The Blare Group
Software and other tools for your online solutions
The official blog of the Blare Group
04.The Group
Official Facebook Group for The Blare Group
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A little assistance.

The Blare Group offers online solutions for creative individuals who just want someone to do it for them, or teach them how it’s done in simple terms.

Voice of the Creator
James Shannon interviews creators about their online businesses and what they are currently working on. Episodes air on Wednesdays.
There are many tools that you can use to help grow and build your creative business. We keep a list of the ones that we believe are helpful. Every tool mentioned has been used by The Blare Group, or we have extensive knowledge about how it works.
The blog maintained at theBlareGroup.com is helpful articles posted for you to read on your own time to help you with growing and building your creativity.
The Group
The official Facebook group of The Blare Group is a free group where creators can gather for feedback, help, and getting to know one another.