Start Your Podcast and Be Heard

Join the Blare Radio Network and be happy that we will constantly be working to get your voice heard to as many people as possible. Also, we want to get you paid and help with monetizing this podcasting thing.

BRjamesmedia from The Blare Group

Be Heard

When you and your podcast join the Blare Radio Network you are welcomed with all of the standard features that you want, and some. We will set up a website for your page with a link that sends listeners straight to it. We will also help get your podcast uploaded to every platform that we can imagine. And of course you get analytics to gauge how your podcast is doing. You get all of that and we will help you with finding guests, and help with finding sponsorship for your podcast/

Unlimited Shows

Do you have, or want, more than one podcast? The Blare Group has the solution for you. Pay one price and have as many shows as you like. Plus, you can accept donations from your audience and set up cool looking audiograms from Headliner.


Let our robots transcribe every word said in your podcast and we will add them to your podcast website. This service is awesome for creating blog post and for SEO for your podcast. You can also have us automatically upload your podcast to YouTube to increase your online visibility. We will also set up your mailing list to that you can have a better connection with fans of your podcast.


All you have to do is record your podcast and we will talk care of the rest. Our team will remove all of the ums and silent parts. We will also insert your ads, intro, outro, and music.

Show Notes

Get the full podcasting service from the Blare Group. With the Yell Package you get everything in the Scream Package along with your podcast show notes that can help your audience learn more about what they are listening to.