Starting a Digital Agency

What is a Digital Agency?

Before you can even think about creating your own digital agency you have to understand what a digital agency is. An agency is a group of individuals working together to accomplish goals for their client, or clients. Typically, there is a contract created and agreed upon by the client and agency. A digital agency is an agency that relies on the internet to help their clients. People want the services offered by digital agencies because the internet as the ability to reach a much larger audience than anything else. Running a digital agency means that you will be running a team and handling more clients. As a freelancer, you did not have the responsibility of managing a group of people, so you must understand that the team you put together will be relying on your direction to achieve success. Your agency can offer several services, or can offer a single service. Regardless, of what you offer, you need to know what services you will offer before you open for business. The Blare Group offers all of the design services that your business needs.

What Should You Offer?

After you know the services that will be offered by your agency, it will be great to know who your clients will be. Let’s use The Blare Group as an example. The Blare Group originally created logos for people. Today, they primarily offers design solutions for individuals and businesses in the music industry online. However, services can be rendered for people that are not in the music space as well. This approach can be very effective because it allows you to focus on one area then expand as you grow. Though not required to offer multiple servies, many agencies choose to be a one stop shop for services related to one another.

Who Should You Help?

A ton of agencies aim to help as many people as they can. Though not a bad thing, you may want to think of who exactly you want to help and choose your niche. Let’s think about the medical industry, and let’s say you have an issue with one of your feet. Would you prefer to go to a podiatrist (a physician that treats feet) or your general practice doctor? People trust specialist more because all they do is what they specialize in. This can also make your work easier for you because you won’t have to learn a whole new industry when you agree to take on a new client. Make sure you learn whatever industry you decide to work in.Make sure there is a market for the industry that you want to serve. If there is not any demand for the services that you offer, then you may struggle to find consistent work.

Where Should You Work From?

Though the majority of your business will be conducted online, that doesn’t mean that you should solely operate online. Early on, you should decide if you plan on being a remote company or not. Some companies won’t consider working with you if your company does not have a physical location that they can visit. With that in mind, you (like many others) may still opt to run your agency online only.

Who Are You?

You know that you’re going to own an agency. You know the services that will be offered. You know who you will offer those servies to. And you know whether you will run a remote agency or not. Now you can choose your agency’s name. Choosing the right name for your baby is just like choose a name for a baby. Parents spend a lot of time picking the name that their child will carry with them, sign, and be known as. You should do the same.When selecting your name, make sure you can use it everywhere. See if the domain name is available, and see if you can use it on all of the social media platforms that you will be on. Also, you may want to check to see if the name has been trademarked.

Who Are The People…

…that will help you run your business. You might want to do everything yourself, but that is a bad idea. Focus on what you’re good at, and let someone else take care of the stuff you don’t to, or shouldn’t be, doing. Some examples of people that you can hire would be people to do the actual work, someone to find clients, and someone to take care of the maintenance and tech stuff.

How Do You Get Paid?

Every business wants to make money and that includes yours. Let’s go over some of the ways that your agency can earn.


Charging hourly should be self-explanatory. You charge your client a specific amount per hour that you work on their project.

Per Project

This is another simple one. You agree on the project with your client and you tell them how much it will cost to complete it.


The most preferred method among agencies is a retainer. Clients pay a flat rate per month in exchange for work done whenever they need it. The amount of work available to them is normally agreed upon, but the reason this is prefered is because the client pays you whether or not you deliver any services to them.

Can You Say No?

We ask this question because it can be very difficult to turn down money, but it isn’t always worth the headache. The Blare Group’s goal is to be a stress free environment for clients and the people that we hire to work with. In achieve this, we refuse work to people, or businesses, that do not share our same values. Make sure that the clients you take on are a good fit and makes sense to your agency. Also, don’t take on more than you can handle. Each client deserves your all and shouldn’t get less because you said yes to everyone.

Is that it?

Not too much, right? Make sure that you plan each step of your agency out. Figure out if you even want a digital agency, and if you do, write down the services that will be offered. Once you know the services, find out what industry you will offer your services to. After all of the decision making you can create a name that will be the same wherever your brand exists. Finally, figure out how you will get paid for the services that you offer. You can charge by the hour, per project, or retainer (like a monthly subscription). Leave a comment below and tell us all about your agency and where we can find out more? 


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