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Identifying the Perfect Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity? Many conversations we have about brand identity forces us to explain that it is more than your company’s logo. It is all of the work used to create your logo, along with the images that help your customers recognize your brand. That work includes the tone, logo, colors, fonts, and other designs, all of which are …

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A Logo is a Digital Hello

Logos Are the Equivalent of Saying Hello We have all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but we continue to do it. We know that we’re constantly being judged and that is why we dress up for interviews and first dates. We care so much about the impression we leave on others that we do our …

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Coloring Outside the Lines

How often do we make decisions based off of colors? Color is usually one of the first descriptors we use when making selections. People pick their favorite sports teams based off of color. They decide on the car that they want to drive off the car lot based on color. Their shoes have to match with their outfit before they …

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