Understanding Domains

What is a Domain?

If you think of a website as a house, you can think of its domain as the home address. The domain is what you enter the URL field aka the address bar to locate a website.

Domain Breakdown

A domain is typically broken up into three parts. We won’t get into all of the technical details, but let’s look at the domain www.theblaregroup.com.


This is called the subdomain. Many times you will see businesses replace the www with blog, app, portal, store, etc. This is to separate content from the main site and to keep things organized.


This part of the domain is called the domain name. It is the main part of the domain.


This part of the domain is known as the top-level domain. Most people put use a .com, but there are so many top level domain options available. Other popular ones include .net, .io, .co, .gov, .edu, and more.

Do You Need a Domain

The short answer is, “No!” However, I highly recommend that every creator and business purchase a domain to look professional.

Trust me. Your competition is doing it.

Where Do I Get a Domain 

There are many, many options available. An easy Google search will give you some promising results. We have used most of them — Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap, ResellerClub, Hover, Bluehost. But we will just talk about three of them in this post.


Our favorite domain registrar to recommend is Hover due to their simplicity. All they deal with is domains and email hosting. Nothing else. Simple right?

On their home page, you can search for the domain name that you want, tranfer a domain that you already have, or renew a domain that you own already.

Searching for a new domain will redirect you to a page where you can see the cost of the domain and see if it is available for purchase. If it isn’t available, Hover will display some other suggestions that you may want as well.

Google Domains 

It’s Google, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Google Domains comes in as our second choice because there are more things to do than purchasing a domain and/or email. This can make it more complex than what you need.

However, Google does an amazing job at telling if the domain you selected would be hard to find, if it has common words, and it also gives you alternatives if the domain that you want is not available.


Cloudflare would be our third option, mainly because it is the cheapest that we have found (next to NameCheap, and GoDaddy’s $1 domains are only for the first year).

The issue with Cloudflare is that it is new to domain registration and most people use it to assist with the speed and security of their websites. Navigaing around Cloudflare is pretty difficult, but they recently upgraded their site, which is better but still a little complicated if you don’t know your way around.

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