What Kind of Logo Should I Get?

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This is a question that I get more than I would like to. Mainly because the answer is always, “I don’t know. Tell me about your business.” Maybe people don’t know what kinds of logos they can get. So, my goal here is to help you answer the question of what kind of logo you should get. First, I assume that you already know what a logo is. They can be made up of text, shapes, images, or any combination of the three.


These logos are made up of just text like the Netflix logo. Theses logos don’t have to be plain. One of my favorite logos is the Baskin Robbins logo because of how their “31 flavors” tagline was incorparated in the “B” and “R” of their logo.

Netflix Logo
Baskin Robbins logo


Round Shapes (Circles and ovals)

Using round shapes in your logo is a good idea if your brand is warm, nice, and loving.

Straight Edges (Triangles and squares)

Straight edged logos are perfect for strength and efficiency.

Straight Lines

Vertical – Masculinity and strengthHorizontal – Peacefulness and serenity

The Blare Group • 76Logo
Microsoft Logo
Adidas Logo


Just like some of the most recognizable logos in the world (Apple and Nike), your logo can be a memorable one without a single word or letter. Image-type logos have specific colors, dimension, and shapes.

Getting a Logo

Now that you know about the different kinds logos, it’s time to get one! There are a few different ways that you can go about getting a new, shiny logo for you business.

Create It Yourself

When people hear that you can get a logo by creating it, they usually think that it will be free.  In most cases, the logo you create will be free, but the software that you use might not be.


Ever heard of Adobe Photoshop? It isn’t the first option I’d suggest that you go to for logo creations, but it is a very popular piece of software.

Well, Photopea offers an online editor that is like using Photoshop online. Photopea works with Photoshop (PSD) files also, but the best part is that it is all free!


Probably the most popular Photoshop alternative is Gimp. The software is free to download, but being that it is open source, it is not 100% safe. However, I have not read of any unsafe issues that anyone has had.


Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor, and would be my recommendation to those looking for free software. Just like Gimp, Inskcape is also open source and poses the same dangers. So, be sure to download it from its official website.


A popular option is Canva.com. Anytime I see someone looking for a free option, this is usually the top suggestion by the community. Canva is free to use and has a ton of templates to help you with your designs.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been labeled as the best software for designing logos by many. It is also the software that I use, so I may be a bit bias to it.

Currently, you can get Adobe Illustrator for $20.99 per month, or start with a free trial.

Hire a Designer

Finding a professional to design your logo is probably the most popular way of getting your design created, but all designers are not created equally.

You are able to find help for as low $5, but you may also need to pay thousands of dollars to get the design of your dreams.


You can post jobs on Fiverr, or you can browse the list of freelancers showcasing their talent on the site.

There are people that have found success with Fiverr, and received logos for under $300. However, success can only be determined by what you’re looking for. When you see prices under $300, you most likely won’t get vector files, copyright, and revisions to get your perfect logo.

Fiverr does vet their Pro Sellers, and I would strongly advise to use one if you prefer Fiverr over all other options.

Unfortunately, some people may not even know what they need and will settle for a nice looking jpg image. If you decide to take this route, you should at least consult with someone with experience so they can tell you what to look for.

The prices on Fiverr are usually below the industry standard, which can be viewed as a plus from the consumer. Do note that the prices in the listings are usually for the bare minimum and the real value would be sold at a higher price point by the seller.

The issue with Fiverr is the integrity. There are more than enough stories of plagiarism and scams to make people stay away. Usually when someone says they got a logo for a great price, a simple reverse image search reveals that they (a few dozen others) got a copied logo.

Read the reviews and make sure that you know what you’re getting before forking up your cash.

When browsing, you should read the reviews and take their star rating seriously. Some people have reported freelancers posting their best work (or stolen work), then delivering shoddy designs. Keep in mind that almost anyone can register as a designer on Fiverr.


Just like Fiverr, you can view the portfolio of the designers on the site. The difference with Upwork is that the freelancers there offer one set of skills to potential clients. Also, Upwork has a better vetting system than Fiverr.


The design marketplace allows you to host contests for your logos and other design work. You submit a brief of the work that you want done and designers around the world submit creations for you to choose one winner.

You can get a 99Designs logo today starting at $299.

99 Designs is a global platform where designers around the world compete to win award money in design competitions. The platform also offers a way for people to work 1-on-1 with designers, skipping the entire competition part.

Pros: Money back guarantee and full ownership of your logo

To get the top designers on 99Designs, you have to pay a minimum of $1,300. Do note that this price may seem a lot higher than what you can find on Fiverr, but some of the top designers on Fiverr charge well over $2,000. Research is key here.

99Designs is obviously the easier place to find a designer since that is what the site is about. Whereas, Fiverr is a site to find freelance work for a number of different tasks that you may need done.

Find an Agency

Being a branding agency, we are a little bias here. The most expensive option would be to hire an agency that will take their time to craft the perfect logo for your brand.

The great thing about agencies is that they normally want to work with you on an ongoing basis and create all of your design needs. They will want to learn as much about your company’s message, values, target audience, and more so that they can incorporate it into your logo.

Everywhere you look there is a new agency popping up, so finding one will be easy, but since you’re already here, why not inquire now?


Your business, your logo, your choice. Just be sure that you get the correct file types (link to post): file types.


Including your brand’s colors in your logo is very important, but you also want to make sure that you have a black and white version, as well as multiple sizes. This way you can always be sure that you have the appropriate logo for the appropriate cause.

Okay! Enough about logos, I’m sure you knew what one was before reading all of that. Let’s get into the different ways to get one.

You have a few options when selecting a logo for your business. Just remember that you get what you pay for. We will cover options that I believe will be helpful for anyone in search of a new logo.

To make things simple…

How important is quality to you?
Do you care if you have to get a new logo in the future?
What is your budget like?

Robert Cheeke said, “Go out of your way to make an outstanding first impression.”

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