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Blare Genesis
We build WordPress websites for creators within 60 days of agreeing to work together. This process includes design a custom page that fits your individual style. To make sure you continue to create in your space, we manage the site to make sure it meets your standards. And we won't leave you hanging, we will host your site as long as you allow us to.
Blare Voices
We believe the voice of every creator should be heard. That is why we want to build your podcast and increase your followers and listeners. Want more? We can edit your shows, write your show notes, and build a website just for your show.
Blare Connect
Social media is everywhere, so you should be there too. We will start up your social media account, or accounts, and if you want us to, we'll even manage it and maintain your online presence and visibility for you. Trust us, we will be your first follower 😉
Blare Vision
Want a logo? Stop shopping around and trust our world-class designers to bring you desire to life. Along with logos, we also specialize in creating the artwork for your music album, the cover art for your podcast, and we do a lot more. Just ask!
Track Record

We're Getting Better

Our purpose is to help creators build and grow their online business, presence, and visibility. But we’re also growing too. We will never claim to be the best because there is always work to be done…and learned. We will say that we care the most. So, how good are we? We’ll say…

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Top Services

What the People Want

For each solution we have, we offer specialized services tailored to each one. Here are our most popular, and most requested services that we offer at The Blare Group: Online Solutions for Creators.

Logo Designs
Everyone wants to have the face of their brand created. Our inbox is flooded with these requests
Website Development
Websites are highly requested. Everyone is shopping around for the right partner. It's hard because they're expensive. We teach you how to build them for free.
What's the point in having a website if no one can find you. The moment creators find out that we can help with this, they jump on it.
Website Hosting
Some creators already have a WordPress website built. They just want someone to watch over for them so that they can focus on creating their art.

The Creators That We
Have Worked With

We prefer to work with individual creators, it’s just what we’re good at. However, we do have a partner that works with businesses. Let us know what you need and we’ll get you on track.

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