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We offering a group of services to help creators build and grow websites, create brand designs, launch podcasts, and start social media pages. If you’re overwhelmed with doing it yourself, we have the tools (free) to guide you, or you can just ask us to do it all for you.

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We Want to Be the #1 Source
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We aim to help individuals that need to be seen and heard by their audience. If you really don’t understand this online stuff, then we are the people you need. We can teach you how to build and grow your online presence, and if it is too tough, we can do it all for you.

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This is How
We Work

Check out the services we offer for websites, podcasts, brand designs, and social media.

See the offerings related to the solution of your choice and select the parts you need.

After we discover your needs, we'll send you a proposal that is no more than the estimated invest we sent to you. If you like everything, you will pay your deposit or wait for an invoice (subscription services).

After we agree on everything and sign the service agreement, we get to work on your online visibility project and we will keep you updated on our progress. Once we are done, we will handover the keys to your new, shiny investment. 

After the project is done, you will start your management service with us (if applicable). We'll also show you how to use it, how to contact us, and how to grow if needed.


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Jason Shannon

Operations Director

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Mayra Sanchez

Production Director

Official dark logo of the Blare Group

Kyla McCoy

Finance Director


People seem to like us

We are satisifed. Thank you.

ViBn ViBn

I keep coming back lol. Blare has done my website, two logos, and they will be doing some more stuff for me too.

Quenysha Holmes Q's Closet

If you're thinking about making thr change and going with Blare Group, make the switch (pun intended)

Nick Memins Switch Co.